Happy by Pharrell Williams

This is a great song to play to your students at any time,but the regular structure of the chorus provides a good opportunity for some pronunciation awareness, drilling and creating our own version of the song.

There are three versions of the video included in the lesson, the original version, a lyrics version and a Saigon (my city) version. There are lots of other versions from different cities, so have a look for yours on YouTube.

Did you know? Pharrell made 9 other versions of this song before he was happy with this one. The Happy Song is on the soundtrack of the Despicable Me 2 movie.

I have made a PowerPoint available here and the lesson plan is available here. You can also download the lyrics here.

Please let me know how you get on with it and any feedback is more than welcome.


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21 comments on “Happy by Pharrell Williams
  1. kalyar says:

    l want to listen music.

  2. Andrea Caldana says:

    Encouraging…engaging…emotional. thanks! Like it so much and my sts surely too!!.

  3. Fernando says:

    I have played it three times using the Minions version (lyrics included). First they listen to the song without watching the video, then they check their answers to the filling-gaps activity. Finally (or at the same time), they explain what the Minions are doing in the video. Great song! Love it! Happy…

  4. nabil says:

    Help me to improve my self

  5. Mark says:


  6. Maria says:

    I’m working with teenagers and this is an excellent way to teach pronunciation, I will try it next week thanks!!!

  7. Valeria obiler says:

    I enjoyed this song very much.I would love to receive more songs to use in class. Thanks a lot.Valeria

  8. Alex says:

    this lesson is great!!!

  9. Hanna says:

    I love this page, it is an excellent english resourse.

  10. […] Happy by Pharrell Williams. […]

  11. Patricia Bueno says:

    This is another excellent way to teach English with songs…Thanks a lot

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