Last Night by The Vamps

This is a great song to review past verb tenses with your students. I have used a ‘wordle’ containing verbs only and pictures from the music video for prediction, followed by inserting these verbs in to a gap fill. Students then identify the past tense followed by a discussion about why they are using each specific tense. The lesson wraps up with them recalling the chorus using these verbs and then writing their own chorus.

This is just a suggested procedure. If you have any feedback I would love to hear from you.

Hope your students enjoy it.

A PDF lesson plan including materials can be found here and a power point can be found here.

Level: Higher Elementary- Pre-Intermediate

Time: 60 minutes

Materials: PowerPoint, lyrics with gap fill and lyrics without gap fill.

Language Focus: Past verb tenses


Step 1- Prediction Using Wordle

Show ‘wordle’ containing verbs only. Students discuss what the story is about. Don’t tell your students they are going to listen to a song yet.

Step 2- Prediction Using Pictures

Show pictures from the story. Students use verbs and pictures to predict. Board predictions.
Check any unknown vocabulary at this stage.

Step 3- First Listen

Students listen to song to check predictions.

Step 4- Gap Fill

This can be done in one of two ways. You could just let them listen to the song and fill in the gaps or you can show them the ‘wordle’ again and have them fill in the verbs before listening. Remind them that the verbs may be in a different form.

Step 5- Lyrics Analysis

Hand out full lyrics and students identify which parts contain the present tense and which parts contain the past tense.

Establish that the chorus has past forms. Students then identify which past tenses are included and discuss why they are used in each situation.

Monitor closely and clarify any misunderstandings in feedback.

Step 6- Retelling the Story

Display the verbs from the chorus. Students retell the story using these verbs. Remind them that they may have to change the form of the verbs.

Step 7- Writing Their Own Version

Students write their own version of the chorus about a crazy night out or party. Change this to suit your level/age/style etc.

Display stories around the room and students vote for best, funniest etc.

Possible Extension

Give students an unlimited amount of money to create a class party. Students work in groups to plan the party. Pick students at random to tell the rest of the class about their party. Students then come up with a story about one of the parties and use the past tense to tell this story.


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9 comments on “Last Night by The Vamps
  1. Andrea Caldana says:

    Thanks!!! Going to work with it for revising past tenses.

  2. DANIELA says:

    I LOVE IT!!!

  3. katty rodriguez says:

    Thanks very usefull

  4. Ghaa says:


  5. DANIELA says:

    Hello!! It’s me again! The lesson was great! my students loved the song & they really enjoyed the activity. Thank you!!!!!

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