Stunning New App- Adobe Voice


I have used quite a few apps with my students that have really enhanced their learning experience but Voice is hands down the best one.

It can transform a boring writing or speaking task in to one that students are totally engaged in and have a real reason to produce English.

What is it?

It is a digital storytelling app that allows students to record their voice and integrate it with text and pictures. The interface is very intuitive and anyone can get to grips with it in a few minutes. The product is a short movie that looks very professional. Students can choose from many different themes and change the background music.

How Does It Work?

The app has several templates that can be used to create a video, including “Explain Something,” “Teach a Lesson,” “Share an Invitation,” and “Promote an Idea,”.

Just choose a template and it walks you through what you have to do.

Icons, text, and pictures are then added to each slide. If you run out of inspiration simply type in a word and Adobe will give you a list of suggested images to use. After a few minutes you will have a really slick looking presentation or short movie.


Great. So how do I use this in the classroom?

The possibilities are endless but here are just a few.

My elementary class used pictures from a story board to review the present continuous. They simply took photos of each picture and then said what was happening in each picture. They showed it to the rest of the class and they peer reviewed them.

The same class used the app to work on the past simple and past continuous. They watched a short film, compared notes and then used the app to tell the story. They inserted pictures to go along with each sentence to bring the story alive.

My advanced class used the app to promote a solution to an environmental problem. They first researched the problem and came up with possible solutions. They then used the app to create a short marketing campaign.

The app is absolutely fee and you can get it here . You will need a few iPads though. If your school does not have any ask a few of your students to bring them in. I am always surprised how many students have them at home.

Please let me know how you get in with the app. Enjoy!

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