Ryan Sheridan- Home

Recently Ryan Sheridan asked Irish people living abroad to make a short video about what they miss the most about home.

He made a great music video about it and being Irish myself it inspired me to write a lesson plan about it.

In the lesson students learn a few things about Ireland and practice the second conditional.

The lesson plan can be downloaded here and the accompanying slides can be downloaded here.

My students loved it and had great fun doing the final activity. I hope yours like it too.

Main aim– by the end of the lesson students will be better able to use the second conditional to talk about what they would miss about home if they lived in a different country.

Sub aim– to recognise lexis associated with Ireland.

Materials– PowerPoint and videos (links on PowerPoint). Cut out pictures on slide 3, 1 per group.

Time- 60 minutes.


  1. Show slide 1. Start video from 0.05. Students watch video to 0.49 and guess country. Play video until end to confirm country.
  2. Show slide 2. Students predict what Irish people miss about home. Board predictions and watch second video to check.
  3. Cut out pictures on slide 3 and give to each group. Students try to identify vocabulary.
  4. Slide 4. Match pictures to responses in the videos.
  5. CCQs and pronunciation on 9 new words.
  6. Show slide 5 to provide language. Students discuss the things they would miss. Monitor for correct use. Board good and bad examples. CCQ use of second conditional.
  7. Slide 6. On a piece of A4 students write the one thing they would miss the most about home. Encourage them to keep this a secret. They will reveal it later.
  8. Students guess what the other people in their group have written.
  9. Students reveal their choices in the same style as the music video.


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2 comments on “Ryan Sheridan- Home
  1. Alejandra says:

    Thanks for an excellent idea.

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