Where have I been?

I set up this blog nearly a year ago and have been blown away by the level of interest and positive feedback. Around 100,000 people have viewed the lessons and I hope students all over the world have benefitted from it.

However, there have been a few developments in my life which means I’m no longer producing song lessons at the rate I once was. Firstly, my wife gave birth to a beautiful little boy. He’s amazing, but takes up most of my free time. Consequently, Lyrical English had to take a back seat.


The school I work in also changed their adult product and it meant I couldn’t use songs in the classroom. I’m starting a new class with teenagers soon, so I hope that leads to a few new song based lessons.

I’ve also been teaching a lot of IELTS recently and my students have convinced me to put some of the advice I give them online.

The result is a new website called IELTS Advantage.

It is all free advice, along with lessons and sample answers. The aim of the website is to provide free support for IELTS students and allow them to study at home for free.

If you have any IELTS students please fell free to share it with them. Thank you.

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